Autofocus dialog missing Close button

I am experiencing difficulties with AutoFocus and hope you can help.

I am running SGPro v2.4.3.7 (but upgraded from v2.4.2.11 trying to resolve this problem) on a Dell XPS13 laptop with a 1920x1080 display and Win8.1. I have a Focus Boss II electronic focuser and a QSI camera.

It looks as though the Autofocus dialog box is missing the Close button, so although I can trigger Autofocus from the Control Panel, I can not fine tune the Autofocus parameters in Control Panel, then run Auto Focus, and keep the result. I only have the choice of Cancel, or Run Again.

The attached screenshot shows my Autofocus dialog.

Thank you for the assistance.


Looks like font scaling is enabled in the windows settings. Unfortunately SGP doesn’t yet support this. I’d recommend setting your font scaling to 100% in windows (it’s likely set to 125%)


Resolved, thank you.


Does this mean you resolved the issue with scaling (back to 100%) or something else? Just curious in case other people have this issue.

Most of SGPro does support scaling. We’ll take a look at this dialog and see why it is not responding well to it.

The issue was resolved by changing font scaling back to 100%.

I look forward to full implementation of Font Scailing because the laptop is now hard to use.

Thank you,


Monitors with high pixel density are becoming more prevalent (and cheaper). 2.5 will involve a review of all application components at scaled values…