Autofocus Fails - Sequence Ends

Hello, Everyone…

Just starting out with SGP and automation. I get PHD up running with an OK graph, go to start a simple sequence, with autofocus enabled and the AF window starts up, then quits after about 5 seconds or so and say something like “AF failed, please check the log files”. Anybody know where the log files might be? I check the ASCOM logs for that day and nothing stands out. Don’t see any SGP log files, at least no where obvious. Don’t think it is the camera either, as I do the frame and focus window “take one”, and the camera is connected, operating and images are downloading.

Thanks for any insight

Losmandy Gemini II
Moonlight Stepper Motor focus
Nikon D800

You can find a shortcut to the log file folder in the sgp help menu.