AutoFocus fails with new cam

Hello everyone. I’m having weird problems with AF.
Even with a really nice graphic and 98-100 quality, AF fails. This has never happened to me before, just since I’ve begun using an ASI294 MM.
I opened a thread about this in, and after explaining the problem, uploading pictures and logs, the folks there didn’t reach a solution, so they told me to post here.
Since I think it’s perfectly explained there with all the info and other people replies, I’ll post the link to that thread:

If somebody could bring some light into this, I would appreciate this.

I loaded your SGP logfile of July 10, 2021 from Cloudy Nights and used Mikael’s SGP AF LogViewer. This is the result when the option ‘Show All AF runs’ is enabled:

The reason for failing is visible in column 9 (min Q): the minimum Quality must be in the range of [0,1], not [0,100]. So please try a value of 0.95, or delete this variable (AFAIK the default value is 0.90 which is appropriate in most cases).

@Jared, @Ken
The error message reads: “Auto Focus failed! Smart focus failed (too many range shifts). moving focuser to starting position.” – this doesn’t make sense at all. There still seems to be a bug in the AF routine when Smart Focus is enabled.

Furthermore, in my opinion the user should not be allowed to input a minimum Quality > 0.98!



Bernd is I think right. In your log file I see the entry:

[07/10/21 00:40:52.446][DEBUG][Camera Thread][AF;] AutoFocus: quadratic fit min quality set to → 85

I think this should read 0.85.

I also note that you are running SGP v3.1.0.544.

If changing the ‘quadratic fit min quality’ does not fix your issue I think you should be able to upgrade to v3.2.0.660 at no cost. I can’t see all the change logs for the releases between these two versions but I see no reason why you should not gain advantage of the fixes done upto .660.

As posted in CN, the problem has been solved following your advice. I made a terrible mistake with the sintaxis of the variable and messed it up. Besides, I’ll update SGP.
Many thanks for your help, really grateful.