Autofocus on resume problem

it seems that the ‘autofocus on resume’ options does not keep checked after having used it once …

Reviving this old thread. I’m on and I have this same behavior, is it done on purpose?

I would like it to stay checked if possible.



After updating the setting save sequence as profile from the file menu should do the trick.

This is by design. What problem are you trying to solve by leaving it checked?

Trying to force an autofocus run.

What would be helpful is when pressing the Pause button, there was an option to trigger an AF run after the current frame completes.


Hi Dan,

I would like to see this feature/option added as well. I typically have the Autofocus set to run with every 1 degree change and/or 60 minutes. But for whatever reason when watching the image history come in the FMW values are climbing so to force a calibration I ether change the time or the temperature to trigger/force a Autofocus. without pausing the sequence. Then after the autofocus has run I need to remember to move the settings back. I think allowing for a user request to autofocus after the current image would be a nice feature.

I seem to see a correlation between when the autofocus was performed and as the mount pointing changes the need to intervene. Maybe the SCT mirror settles a bit at that throws off the focus.