Autofocus settings not being applied

I have chosen to autofocus on image history, I have no other triggers set for auto focus. For some reason autofocus is running on sequence start and on filter change. The whole point is I want to rotate through LRGB, dither every 4 frames instead of every, and repeat to save time and only focus when needed. It’s not supposed to be autofocusing on filter change.


Link to Logs

I can’t upload the 259kb log file because its a txt?

Useful Info

OS: <11>
Ver: <>

Hi there, Here is additional information on how to send us logs:

SGPro - Help

And just to make sure. You are changing focus settings for your sequence and not (just) in the equipment profile correct?

this is the screen shot from the autofocus settings in the control panel for the sequence

I just submitted logs from the pc where SGP is running. The support request will be from Guyroch. Please reply to me.