Autofocus target?

Just another thought. The target tab can set focus and target positions - I have never used it myself and the help file says it is useful for aiming at a bright star for use with a mask.

I wonder, if it could be additionally linked to autofocus routines - for instance, in the case of tricky globular clusters, the focus target could be a little way off and then return, using the centering process defined in the event tab?


I used this feature when I first got SGP(quite a while ago now) and before I had a motorized focuser. I would find a good star to focus on with a Bahtinov mask and set it. Sure made slewing back and forth quicker. That would be a great idea for integrating as an option into the AF routine. Especially when you are star poor region too.

Agreed. Focus target for autofocus would be a huge benefit.