Autofocus with ASI2600MC

Hi all,

I’ve just recently purchased the ASI2600MC after using the ASI1600MM Pro for the last 2 years. SGP worked awesome with the 1600MM Pro as it was mono and autofocus worked a treat… the issue I seem to be having is that the 2600MC being an OSC, is showing the bayer pattern and is messing with the centroid calculations for autofocus. Does anyone else in here run the 2600MC with SGP? I was using 2x2 binning for the frame and focus as well. If I take a 3s test exposure during the day I see the bayer pattern all over the image.

Cheers, Mike

It is normal to see the bayer pattern, especially when you are zoomed in 200% like in your screenshot. The bayer pattern is there no matter what and it shouldn’t have any impact on autofocus.

I have been using a 2600MC for over a year with no problems. With my 4" f6 refractor I use 5s autofocus exposures, bin 2x2, 9 data points.

I would suggest upping your exposure time a little and see if it helps.

Hi Joel, ok cool thanks for the update, I’ll give 5s a go, I use a 10" F5 @ F4.5. I’m hoping we have clear skies tonight so I can give that a whirl :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mike

This raises a question for Jared. Does SGP use the de-bayered or raw file for AF?


SGP always uses RAW. We have no debayering for focusing or display.