Autofocus with ver

I have been using SGP for years. Prior to last night I used ver I use autofocus every time I am imaging and have never had a problem achieving focus.
Yesterday I downloaded and installed version
When I tried to perform an autofocus SGP failed autofocus even though the curve looked good. I saved the sequence and then I then re-installed ver I then used the saved sequence and re-ran autofocus, which worked perfectly.
I know that there are significant changes to the autofocus in ver 4.4. Are there any changes that would make achieving focus more difficult? Are there any additional settings that I need to adjust with ver 4.4?

There are no changes to AutoFocus in v4.4. Is the scenario you describe reproducible? Are you able to share logs we can use to help troubleshoot? SGPro has a built in log sharing module to make this as easy as possible.

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