Automated Changing of Sequences

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I’ve been imaging remotely for over a year now and tend to have multiple sequences going at once, for different images altogether. For example, I’m currently imaging the Needle Galaxy, which I stop at 03:45 and move on to Rho Ophiuchi until the end of the night. The trouble is that both these images are different sequence files. So far, I set an alarm to wake up at 03:40 or so, so I can login via TeamViewer, open the next sequence file and run that.

Needless to say, though this isn’t difficult, sometimes I just don’t wake up to the alarm to do it. I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to get SGP to switch sequences altogether? It would be great, for example, if there was an “End of Sequence” option to open another sequence and run it.

Currently, the only way I see this working is creating a custom sequence that has all the targets from both my images in it. I could then provide end times for individual targets so that it effectively switches image target, all within the same sequence file. The only hurdle is that I don’t know if it’s possible to “merge” two or more sequences’ targets. I thought the menu “File -> Import Targets” would allow me to select another SGP sequence file to import from, but that’s not the case.

Thanks for any pointers you can provide! :slight_smile:

P.S. If there’s a way to make SGP change sequence files and run the next one using an API, please let me know!

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If I understand the question you pretty much have it right.

Just make a sequence that has two targets in it. For example target A Runs from 10pm to 12pm target B runs from 12pm to 2 am Each target can have several settings for instance for Target A I have 4 channels L RG&B all at different durations and binning.

Ive been doing this for up to 5 different targets per sequence with no issues. You will have to invoke plate solving and center target for each target.

Here is an example.

And here are the details for the first target in that series.

Hi Kayron. This relates to a feature request that I put in quite a while ago. Most of my targets are set up as individual sequences. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to import these sequences into a single sequence allowing you to mix and match sequences as the need arises. This would be a great time saver and all that would be needed would be to set your image start and end times.



Here is the feature request topic.



Ah I see I mis understood the question.

Why not just open the sequence you wish to ‘clone’ and do a save as and modify that?

I think I submitted the same request. SGP can save equipment profiles and sequences but not targets. So when I want to use the same target in another sequence I have to enter it again and putting in RA and DEC manually is error prone. I would like to have a huge target list I set up once and import the targe(s) I want into a sequence.


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Thanks for your replies. UlteriorModem, that’s what I used to do and what I’m having to do now, which works, yes. I do like to keep my target sequences separate but indeed, this is better than having to wake up in the middle of the night (if I do at all) to change sequence.

Even if this method is the one that will always be used, it would be nice if SGP allowed importing targets from another sequence file via the “File - > Import Targets” menu. All it would need is an option there to choose another SGP sequence file and select the targets you want imported. Currently, if you have two sequences with say, 12 targets each, you need to clone one and then add the other sequence’s 12 targets manually.

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@EricC … with respect to manually entering RA and DEC … I used to struggle with this too. Especially for simple non-mosaic sequences. I know targets can be imported from planners, or set up with FMW. But I find these somewhat cumbersome for simple/on-the-fly targeting.

What I find most efficient is copy/paste from Stellarium: Search/select target in Stellarium, Control-C/copy, then in RA box of SGP Target Settings, Control-V/paste. And voila! Only wish is for this to work with Starry Night Pro (seemingly, a limitation of the way SNP presents object data).


If SN can copy target data into the Windows copy buffer, SGPro can figure it out. I am just not aware of any way that SNP can do this.

Ressurecting an old thread…

I’m setting up a mosaic using an OSC camera and I’d like to be able to rotate through targets after maybe 5 events each and then start the sequence over again. By doing this I’ll spread the time out in a similar way to rotating through events for different filters and have the targets more evenly distributed as far as altitude. I see that there’s a “select all targets” menu item but it doesn’t seem to function. A simple choice for running the sequence mutiple times would really be great. Am I missing something?