Automated Dome Control

Would it be possible to integrate the dome control in the event settings of a sequence ?

We can set up ‘Park Telescope’ in that menu, but dome closing (or opening) and ‘Park Dome’ seems not to be possible (except manually) or will it always be necessary to write a script ?

You can trigger the dome to close and park when the mount parks. Is that
not sufficient? You can find this in the dome slaving settings.


Jared Wellman
Co-Owner and Developer
Main Sequence Software

Unfortunately, I do not see any Dome Slave Settings (I have a ScopeDome). The menu that appears is totally different then the one that shows in the Help.

Look on the “other” section of the control panel. I have a feeling no
you’re looking at the settings for your ASCOM driver.

Jared Wellman
Co-Owner and Developer
Main Sequence Software

OK, Jared … I got it … my bad, I was indeed looking at the wrong control panel.


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What if the telescope park position of SGP does not coincide with the one set in my NexRemote?
Is there a way to define the position in SGP; sorry if I overlooked something…

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SGP relies on you to set the home position appropriately. There isn’t an option to set a ‘park’ position in SGP like you’re thinking.

When I had a CGEM, I skipped NexRemote and kept things running at the hand controller. I found NexRemote was fairly flaky and would crash often causing me to re-align, whereas the HC never crashed and even if ASCOM became messed up it wouldn’t corrupt it’s alignment. There is a HC in ASCOM as well.


yup that’s what I think about NexRemote to. But when you skipped it, do you still control over an r232 adapter on the HC or via something else?


You connect a RS232 cable to the base of the HC and connect to that using a USB to RS232 adaptor and the ASCOM driver. Align using the HC before connecting.

BTW there’s a new Celestron ASCOM driver available on the ASCOM-Talk site. If this is used with the NS+ HC version 5.22 or better then the ASCOM Park and UnPark use the HC Hibernate and Wake Up functions. This means that power can be cycled between these and you retain your alignment.

This version uses the HC Home and Set Home functions for Park and SetPark, previous version use separate positions.