Automated flats aquisition

Hello, this is to ask for an automated flat aquisition wizard : that would be :smile:
a wizard to calculate the proper useful exposure dynamic for each filters , and a test exposure to properly set the flat panel
intensity to match all filters.
Then an automated sequence to take all needed flats.

Does it make sens ?

thanks a lot

I’m assuming you’re referring to sky flats because what you describe already exists for flat panels.

There is already a request for it. It’s on the table for 2.5.

Sounds like you’re looking for the flats calibration wizard. You can find it under “Tools”

The wizard will adjust your exposure but you’ll need to have the intensity of your flatbox setup for your filters in the filter settings menu. The intensity doesn’t really need to be all that precise as long as the exposure range you set can be obtain the ADU target with that intensity.


right ! i must be blind as i missed that tool !
sorry for that !
will try asap !

many thanks

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