Auxiliary Software

Should auxiliary stuff (PHD2, focus software, Elburs, mount) be started before SGP?


For versions 2.4.2 and before PHD2 must be started and gear connected. For versions 2.4.3 and beyond, PHD2 can be started automatically. The rest of the stuff you don’t need to worry about, and, some cases, may actually interfere (AGPro must start applications sometimes).

Interesting…I’ve always done it a bit backwards with no issues. Start SGP, connect the camera to start to cool, scope, focuser and filter wheel. Checked the camera with a quick frame grab, ran through a few filters to check the filter wheel and moved the focuser for a check… Then when it was dark enough, did a focus run and synched the scope. Then I started PHD2, connected the guide camera and scope and started guiding on a test star (or a cal run if needed) until I started the sequence. No problems. Haven’t used 2.4.3 yet.

Frank Z…

I should have been a bit more clear. PHD2 needs to be started before a sequence is run, not before SGPro is launched.

So I did it right and it didn’t work by accident!!!

Frank Z…

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