Back to v3.0.3.169 Released: 02/21/2019

Dear all, how do I get back to the stable version, v3.0.3.169, without losing my configurations.

Thanks in advance, Fernando

A quick question first: SGPro 3.1 is very close to release. What is necessitating the need to go back to 3.0?

You will not be able to go back to 3.0 with changes you have made in 3.1, but you can certainly go back to using everything the way it was the last time you used 3.0.

For profiles:

  • Go to the folder where SGPro saves profiles (either in a custom location defined by you or in the default location -> Help -> Open Log Folder, then double click the “Sequence Generator Pro” folder.
  • Delete (or move or rename) any file ending with the extension “sgp”.
  • For every file ending with extension “bak”, rename these files and just remove that “.bak” part.

For sequence: Same thing… there is just no central location. The old 3.0 sequences will be kept in the original folder they were opened from. These will obviously not be migrated unless they are opened in 3.1 and some sequence may not have a “bak” pair.