Bahtinov Grabber support

Continuing the discussion from Focusing using Bahtinov mask:

Still relevant for 2.5?


The decision is. Still undecided at the moment.

Whilst it’s of no use to me now, before I used autofocus the bahtinov grabber was so useful to quickly achieve accurate focus so I think it would be a really useful addition to sgp.

Well… we have not yet decided if it is in our best interest to do this. What does it buy you? You can already use Bahtinov grabber with SGPro, you just have to run BG in parallel to SGPro. This would be non-simplistic to integrate with SGPro and would take away from items I feel are far more in need of attention. Just trying to understand what a direct integration of BG does for you vs the use of it in conjunction with SGPro. If you have additional reasons, this is the place to post them.