Basic help notes for v3

I downloaded v3 but never got to run it even once due to the UK heatwave (stopping my using the scope). However, I am still happy to upgrade without even trying it - if only I could find a help facility for the new facilities in v3. Searches for anything regarding planning have led nowhere and the version has long since expired so I have no idea at all what extras are involved. If someone could provide a link, that would be great. I suspect that the same bugs exist though :confused:

Lawrence Harris

I have Sequence Generator for 3 years, and is the best aquisition astroimage. Have more option, import target, mosaic wizard, astrometry, you can use most of the CCD camera, and more option.
SGPro can be understood while it is being used. You will be very glad when you discover how many facilities he has.
Here you have an manual how you can start first week.


I first read and used this manual at least two years back - well before v3 was made available. I think that you will find that it makes no reference to v3 …. [If by chance this has been modified and I failed to notice - then I apologise.]

If anyone has some guidelines for using v3 I would be grateful.


I know this isn’t quite what you are looking for, but here are the release notes for v3.0.1.0 that describes what new features it has. If you go to the “Releases” section of the forum you can read about the bug fixes and updates since V3 was first released.

V3 operates the same way that V2 does, just with a few added benefits, and NEW support has ended for V2 (I believe ongoing support for CRITICAL fixes will be provided). I think you’ll find that some bugs have been fixed in V3.