Basic list of targets with RA+dec

Although I have tried to find one online I find myself painstakingly having to look up and then enter the RA+dec for every potential target. There has to be a much better way to do this. I have several planetarium programs but none appear to be able to provide a simple list of target+RA+dec. Do users really have to manually enter all this up for every target?

FWIW online catalogues supply this data plus oodles more unwanted data that would be ultra-tedious to delete - hence my query.

If manual entry is the only way, then I have a lot of typing to do…


I use the frame and mosaic wizard. Actually I got hooked to SGP because of this wizard. Another option is to get an image of your target from the internet, solve it and use the coordinates, IIRC the target tab will fill the solved coordinates for you.



I ‘activated’ the f/m wizard for the test period and immediately found myself off to hospital for serious stuff! I was effectively out of commission for the entire period, so it does show that no matter how long the test period, someone will fall through the loop! I never got to actually try it out! I am now using SGP with a small 80mm refractor so mosaics are not hot on my list of priorities. When I get back to using it on my main scope, at least the sequences are re-usable. Meanwhile I wonder about all these manual entries…


I use it for the framing portion mainly.

Ask them for an extension. They usually understand.

The Framing & Mosaic wizard is also what got me hooked on SGP it truly is fantastic.
It doesn’t need to be used just for mosaics either as I only ever use it for single frame framing in all my sequences.

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