Before and After SKY flat target

I hope this feature.

  1. After stopping the light flame target, mount will go back to the setting position.
  2. You can select mount setting angle like 45 degree, 60 degree, or zenith. and azimuth like meridian or 45 degree west or east.
  3. The mount will stop. or cut off the power line with switch box like Pegasus.
  4. You can take flats with compensating sky brightness. if getting more bright , it can change the filter for narrow band. A focus point will be back to preset or as is when light frame had last ended. It would be different by temperature.
  5. For a camera like ATIK 16200 which have not precise shutter in fast speed under 2sec, it would be better to have low shutter speed limit settings.

This will make me more healthy living not to awake till end of the sky flats.