Beta 10 going well

Apart from setting an initial focuser position, SGP ran flawlessly with PHD2 and TSX (Pulseguide) for 7 hours, all automatically. I just ran the sequence and the connecting, calibrating, guiding, slewing, centering, multiple targets, multiple events and meridian flips just worked.

Nice work and thank you.

Hi Buzz,
Good to here that.
I’m still on Beta 9 and will probably go to 10 today. A first for me is that I have run for 3 consecutive nights, all night long with 3 targets each night, and no aborts. Feeling good.


Nice to know. I will stick with Pulseguide. I hope to have some clear starting tomorrow night so will test if I can.

Thanks for this feedback (it is just as important as bugs when assessing the state of releasability).

Will second or maybe third this, used beta 10 last night with PHD 2.4.1f, SkyX and direct guide with no issues, was only about 3hrs but was flawless, swapped targets but no flip. I don’t have the stop guiding when mount slews ticked as to be honest cant see why you would.