Beta 14 odd window behavior

I just started up my system with beta 14 and am seeing some odd window behavior. Opening the big status and sometimes control panel causes the main window to re-size and jump to another monitor. It seems sorta random in when it does it and just where it jumps to.

Windows 7 64.

Hm. I can’t reproduce this. What is the main window’s state when this happens? Is it maximized?

Anyone else seeing this? If you are, I could use some other hints about how to reproduce.

Just tonight I tried beta 14. When I first opened SGP all the modules were undocked and randomly scattered on the SGP window. After I re-positioned and docked all the modules I wanted, I haven’t seen any other window problems yet. It’s almost like somehow my former SGP module/window settings didn’t transfer to beta 14.

Yes, Maximized. I will try to get more details if it happens tonite.

OK, it just happened again. This time it happened when I was setting the directory for a new sequence (actually changing it to a new directory for tonite, but same sequence as last night). It just locked up. I could not grab or reposition the window and needed to close it from the task bar icon.

It looks like this. My four monitors are arranged as seen in the blue squares (note resolutions) and SGP was started maximized on the lower right (primary) monitor. That is where I always run it. When I clicked to select the directory, it jumped to the position you see in the yellow and would not be moved.

Thanks. That was helpful. I believe I have this issue resolved.