Beta - Autofocus temp trigger strange behavior

I found some strange behavior with temperature triggered autofocus and wondered if it was intended or perhaps not. If it happens again, I will post the normal log files, so the purpose of this note is just to get a grounding.

I was doing a simple sequence of a comet, RGBRGBRGB and had the following autofocus settings:
Autofocus for every 1C change
Automatic focus offset for each filter
Autofocus on filter change disabled

The focuser, a Lakeside, was reporting accurate temperature and was stable. The temp started to cool off and I had an autofocus event. After the next 5-minute sub, the filter moved on and it tried to do another autofocus event. I noticed that the current temperature was the same as before and the prior focus temperature status was blank.

It happened a second time but the third time, it seemed OK and the ‘focus temperature’ stayed firm.

I don’t normally do RGBRGB (I normally finish each event before moving on) and I wonder if this is normal?