Beta 258 sequence restart - guider not playing ball

for info, with this beta, PHD2 is not reconnecting/restarting with a sequence automatic restart. I will post log files shortly.
restart occurs around 22:00:
after I noticed it wasn’t firing up PHD2 again, and it went into recovery. I manually connected PHD2 and restarted the guider but I could not get SGP to pick up by hitting ‘retry’. I aborted the sequence and restarted and SGP picked up again. I had the ‘disconnect PHD2 on sequence end’ option enabled in SGP guider control panel - so I have disabled it now and will see if this is part of the confusion.


It looks like SGPro did send the proper message to PHD2 to restart, but we have not taken into account guider reconnect. I’ll take a look.

[09/26/19 22:03:39.275][DEBUG] [PHD2 Listener Thread] Error received from RPC: all equipment must be connected first


Next beta will have 2 changes… you should only need the first, but the second may come in handy in other scenarios:

  1. Disconnect auto guider will not disconnect on restart after unsafe
  2. If the guider gear does get disconnected, resume guiding will now attempt to auto-connect it

Many thanks Ken. I had another short unsafe condition (2:10-2:30) and, with the ‘disconnect PHD2@’ option disabled and the warm camera on sequence end disabled, SGP restarted successfully on its own. I’ll send an updated log anyway when its done for the night.