Beta 328 unhandled exception and other issues

Hi! Have come across a few issues with beta 328, I don’t think I’ve seen them previously reported, I apologize in advance if I’m being redundant:

Definitely reproduceable:

  1. Right clicking beneath the last target in the target list results in “Unhandled exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. SGP appears to function normally if “Continue” is selected. Probably just needs a bounds check?

Had these errors pop up repeatedly on my 2 last imaging runs, haven’t had the opportunity to do dedicated testing for reproduceability yet, but maybe they will point to something relatively obvious.

  1. Aborting a sequence with “Keep Frame” during the last event (in order to prevent end of sequence actions from running so I can set up the flats panel), then adding new events (flats), then resuming sequence results in 'All events completed" message. SGP does not appear to recognize the new events. If I move the target up or down in the target list, however, SGP then sees them and runs as expected.

  2. Forcing an autofocus run (which now works really well BTW, thanks!) appears to replace the focuser position reported for the most recent image in ImageHistory, even though the focus was performed after the image was acquired.

  3. Running a Frame and Focus loop with 1 sec exposures while clicking on manual focuser movement controls (ASCOM Deep Sky Dad driver) resulted in SGP exiting without warning. No message, alert, anything, just gone. Unfortunately it was a long evening of imaging a few nights ago, I can’t find anything obvious in the log file.

Thanks for all the great work!


Kind of… it’s fixed though

Can you tell me how you forced it? There a few ways.

Unable to reproduce this. In this case, it may be worthwhile to look at the focuser’s logs to see if anything is going on there.

We may look at this later. For now, SGPro effectively ignores pause requests that are after the last event. To work around this now, you can do the same thing to avoid end of sequence actions (pause) and then after adding your new events, right click on the target and click “Clear completed status”