Beta 335 Appears to Lose Altitude in Target Time Constraints

After setting start & end times in the target time constraints and saving the sequence then reloading it, the altitude values show as 0. Clicking on Planning Tools does show the altitudes on the diagram.

Can you post this sequence? Having trouble reproducing this one.

I went through the basic steps to create a target. I just downloaded 335 and tried it on a fresh install and now it loses both the altitudes and the times. I did
New Sequence w/ Profile (picking 8300).
Set user profile to Home (just created, set to 75W, 40N).
Click on Target 1 setup.
Set RA/Dec to 10h 00m 00s +10 00 00.
Check star/end time and locks.
Click on Planning Tools.
Left click and right click to get start/end times.
Click OK on Planning Tools and Target 1 settings.
Save the sequence (checked again & this point and start/end times & altitude are ok).
Open the sequence just saved and click on Target 1 settings.
Start/end times are checked but have bad times and 0 altitudes.
Planning Tools seems to correspond to 0 altitudes.