Beta 358 - Target Planner Inconsistent Display

The previous problem with resetting target altitude limits to 0 seems to be fixed. However, in the target planner, picking a starting or ending time inconsistently puts an icon on the graph. For the start time, an icon appears when left clicking when altitude <= some value (e.g. 73 deg for a taget w/ dec +45). The time and altitude limit is set in the target settings even if no icon appears. End time doesn’t ever seem to show an icon, but again, the time and altitude limit get set in the target settings.

Since the target planner works most of the time in its current form, we will need RA, DEC, LAT, LON in order to try and reproduce. The LAT LON can be VERY general, but if it makes you nervous you can DM me.

You know what… never mind (hopefully), I think I can guess the issue here. We’ll see shortly

I have made changes and tested them pretty thoroughly in all sorts of different ways, altitude locks, time locks, start time after end time, etc. For betas after, please let me know if you continue to see weird stuff.