Beta 731 - not remembering Filter settings

Maybe I’ve screwed something up on my end, but it seems that somewhere along the way, some values in the Filter Setup window got dropped/changed back to default (such as Focus Polnt). Also, if I try to edit and save, and then close/restart SGP, some values are retained (exposure time) and some are not (Focus Point, Flat Box Brightness, # of flats in event).

Actually, it seems that maybe settings I had saved previously (few days/weeks ago) survive the change, but values I change today are not retained.


I have tried for an hour to reproduce this issue and cannot. We must be doing different things. The issues you show above… are they consistently reproducible? Maybe just happen sometimes? Or maybe it looks like different attempts “forget” different fields? Do you save the sequence manually or do you rely on auto-save?

Sorry for the troubles … seems that I can’t reproduce this now either. I suspect what happened is that I tried using the Flats Calibration Wizard yesterday afternoon and the equipment profile did not have my recent changes to filter values etc. saved (but at the time I was convinced they were). So those values were assigned in the sequence only, which got dropped when the FCW created a new sequence from the Equip Profile.


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