Bi color M8 with 12inch newtonian

Finally after 6 months of clouds I got a change to capture a deep sky object! This is the first object I capture with my 12inch newtonian, it looks like this OTA coupled with the Atik 460EX is a good match for light polluted skies. The individual 20m Ha frames were noise free and with excellent dynamic range.

Please take a look to the result:

– Telescope TPO (GSO) 12 inch f/4
– Corrector GPU Aplanatic Newtonian
– Camera Atik 460EX
– Mount Celestron CGE pro
– SX filterwheel
– Astrodon 5nm filters
– 2 panel mosaic
– 3x20m Ha per panel
– 1x30m OIII per panel
– 5x1m RGB per panel (stars colors)

Hi resolution version of the image here:


Wow. Stunning job!!

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Thanks! I am glad that you like it.



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