Browse through images in folder

I would like to use SGP to review my images taken over the course of a few sequence runs (same sequence, several nights).
It seems I have to open the files one by one.
Is there a way to use the previous / next buttons of the image viewer to browse through the images in a folder?

If you’re attempting to gauge how good/bad your images are you’re probably better off using the Image Grader Tools>>Grade Images. This will allow you to add all of your images, it will then grade them and you can double click them to open them in SGP.


I have tried, but it is still tedious.The score is just an indicator, so I still need to review all the images.
I shall file a feature request to either browse images in a folder or browse through the list of graded images.

In the meantime I manage with Deepskystacker, which has a few extra attributes to sort by, but misses the rating feature.

No worries, thus far it’s been a joy using SGP!