Bug: Import Targets/SGPro Sequence



Imported targets from another SGPRo Sequence (saved with the same version). The targets appeared initially, but the event table of each target was empty (empty as there were simply on event CONTROLS at all). I then saved the sequence, restarted SGP. Then I got an error of the type:

Now both the target and event tables are missing the controls:

Is it possible to fix the sequence ? I would like to at least recover the ones I had initially, before attempting the import (the first two targets in the list).

Link to Logs

Log file: https://1drv.ms/u/c/db21b01b203edf08/EUi4EGZo1jRAmiiNzUHKsu8BF1fy8jKkimhffhbJfTVxxw?e=vA0oN7
Sequence file:

Useful Info

OS: win 10

Thanks, Mikael

Ok, so I managed to repair the sequence file by deleting all but the first two targets, and not messing up to json file, thus saving this upcoming night, hurray!! So no panic.

If this is really a bug and you need to work on the import code, then I would kindly suggest you to consider to add the option to selectively import targets from another SGP sequence. A simple list with check boxes would suffice. Now one needs to import all targets, and then delete the ones that are finished, for instance. Hope you don’t mind putting a feature request in a bug report! :slight_smile:


Thx for the report. I have this flagged for inspection. It is certainly not an often used feature. I’ll look into selective target import.

I second the request to selectively import targets, AND for the import to import everything - all events, etc.
I would use that feature a fair amount - I currently mimic it by taking a screenshot of the sequencer showing all events’ status, then using that screenshot to reenter all data and re-selectall scripts.

Been toying with “importing” a target by copying / pasting lines from one sequence file to another…

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