Bug in Frame and Focus

Yesterday I and friends managed to pin down this bug which is there for the initial version of SGP.
It seems that when u press Stop when SGP is download the image during Frame and Focus it freezes and will not start Frame and Focus again even if u disconnect the camera and reconnect.
This happened yesterday and last weekend. I am sure it is a minor issue to fix.

Hi Dimitiris,

Unfortunately this is not an easy issue (for us) to fix. When you click “Stop”, SGPro issues the ASCOM “Abort()” signal to your camera. What I suspect is happening is that your camera does not protect itself well when abort is issued during a download state and the camera enters a bad state. We don’t want to delay the issue of the abort signal until after downloaf because this works on most cameras. We cannot fix this…

This happened twice with QHY9 cameras…and it happened in the field and it can be a pain especially when the camera is cooled to -10C and I have to shut SGP down which means the cooler will be closed as well.
I might suggest some sort of color coding when we press start or during downloading to warn us when we should or not press Start or Stop…an easy fix without actually fixing the bug which I understand can be a pain.
This is an issue since a lot of people use QHY9

The whole point of using standards such as ASCOM is to avoid having to write device specific code. If this is a problem with the QHY driver then it should be fixed there.

The challenge is to identify what is going on and where the fix is needed, I would expect that a reputable outfit would be happy to help with this.


Again, I’m sorry you are having issues. These actually must be new issues since both Jared and I imaged with QHY9s for years without seeing this issue. I have to agree with Chris here. This is a slippery slope… once we start implementing bandaids for specific devices due to oversights of the ASCOM standard (or any other standard for that matter) SGPro will quickly become an unusable and un-maintainable mess of special buttons and confusing options. Right now SGPro doesn’t care (or know) if you are using a QHY9… it just knows how to speak ASCOM… and that is the beauty of it.

I have a new variation to add to this thread, Again a QHY9, however, the sequence I am seeing is that if you abort during an exposure then the next time you do an exposure it appears to hang during download. The only fix is to disconnect and reconnect, however, on reconnect it will fail to connect until you try a second time. Here is a DropBox link that shows there is an exception happening when the connect fails. https://www.dropbox.com/s/shc14rq49fepeem/sg_logfile_20141130105543.txt?dl=0

As you have indicated, likely a driver bug but perhaps this information will help narrow down the issue so it can be passed on to the driver provider?

There is nothing suspicious in your log file (likely because you disconnected prior to issuance of any error). That said, we know SGPro works with dozens of ASCOM cameras. While I don’t point fingers lightly, if this were a bug in SGPro it seems like it would have been seen in many other places in addition to the QHY 9.

Despite the apparent driver bug, it is not great to have Main Sequence attempting to download an image forever. You should consider adding a timeout or other error check to the download.

This is true… and that check actually exists in the sequence… just not in the FF code.