Bug in manual

Hi there,

I purchased SGP a week ago so I’m brand new and still having the manual within my reach for now.
I saw there was a minor error in the autofocus section on page 107 at “calculating step size”.
In the example given here it’s says: “Assuming that moving 1000 steps moved the focuser 40mm then you know that your focuser moves 4 microns (0.004mm) per step.”. If it moves 40 mm and it takes 1.000 steps, then the correct answer should be 0.04 mm per step.

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This has already been addressed in the beta 2.4 manual. I’m assuming you’re using 2.3?


There’s a manual for 2.3? I just purchased a license, but could only find the manual for 2.2 via google search.
Could you point me to the manual for the version I purchased? (or even for the beta 2.4…)

You can find the manuals for each version packaged with SGP under help. We are currently not publishing the 2.4 manual on the web as it is in beta. Once we release the web versions will be updated to 2.4.

For 2.3 you can find the web version here:

There is also a PDF here (the PDF is actually for 2.3, I’ll adjust the naming):


Excellent, thank you!