Bug or Feature?

I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional but it does cause a problem so here goes:

I was running a target that consisted of events:

  1. 5 Red Frames
  2. 10 Lum Frames
  3. 5 Green Frames
  4. 5 Blue Frames.

I had finished the Red frames event and aborted the sequence just after the last Red frame downloaded (I selected the option not to keep the “current frame”).

Since the seeing was not great, I had decided to complete the Green and Blue frames first and move the Lum to the end of the night - this is why I aborted - to change events order. I did that and resumed the sequence but it tried to resume with the Lum instead of what (now) was the next event (Green). Only when I aborted again and deleted the (now completed) first (Red) event did it start the Green frames on resuming.

It is pretty common to need to move filter events around due to seeing so I would hope this would be easier to do.

That is the way the sequencing engine is designed to work. If you want to reset that order, just click on the event’s option and set it as the current event.

Ah! OK, I guess I never saw that option!

User error then.