Bug Plate Solve?

Well, after updating the latest version, on this computer, I cannot do Center Target, and after Plate solve, I have configured my profile 100 times, I have reviewed everything, I have tried with 4 objects… and I can’t get anything, the mount does not correct its position, it The plate solve remains in a loop, I have another computer with the same version, on another PC, and everything works fine.
Angles, resolution, everything is correct. Please do you see any problem? It has always worked well, I’ve had it like this for 1 month, but I can’t test it due to bad weather. Please I need help, I’m not able to find a solution.
Thank you so much.

Link to Logs


Approx time of issue: 0:56

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Ver: (64-bit)
.NET: 4.8

The problem here is one of 2 different things (depending on your intent). The root of the issue is that mount sync is failing. So, either…

  • You would like SGPro to sync your mount to the last plat solve location, but your mount has been configured to reject these requests. In this case, you musy configure your mount such that it able to accept sync requests.
  • You would like SGPro to NOT attempt a sync and instead would like to use the alternate “offset” method for centering movement calculations. If this, is true, you must change your “sync behavior” setting in SGPro to be offset instead of sync

Well, I hadn’t thought about that possibility, the entire configuration of the mount is the same as always, I shouldn’t have touched anything, I’ll check it. But I would like to leave it so that SGP always synchronizes with the mount… I will see the other configuration of the other equipment that works well. I will inform you of any changes. Thank you very much as always…

Well, after cloudy days, I just did the tests, the plate solve works and resolves well, but it does not synchronize with the mount, the mount configuration option is in SYNC, and I reinstalled eqmod, verified everything, but it still does not synchronize. I don’t know what else to do except install an older version of SGP since it has been working fine all year. Any other idea?

Does your mount’s ASCOM driver have a log file? If so, look in it ro see if it’s getting the sync command fro SGP, and if so, what it does.

Well, it’s a good idea, but I searched the Ascom folder, and I don’t have the log for the mount. I’ll have to find out how to activate it and try.

We don’t use EQMOD so we never quite know how up to date this is or if it needs revisions due to changes, but we do have a guide:


It is possible to configure EQMOD to reject sync requests in favor of its own internal model and maybe that is what’s happening?

I have been using eqmod for about 15 years, and another almost 10 with SGP, I am not an expert but I think I know them well to solve these types of errors, but something is missing from my knowledge.
The guide that you have attached to me, Ken, is configured that way, I have looked this morning in different forums, in the Eqmod forum, and everything they recommend is perfectly configured. I’m sure it’s nonsense, but I don’t see it.
Tonight, if the weather is good, I will try other capture software, and I will try old versions of SGP, to see if there is any incompatibility with the current version.

If it helps in any way, from your logs, it is very clear that the mount thinks it’s configured in a way that it should reject sync requests. This error is issued by EQMOD and not SGPro:

[06/17/24 00:36:28.507][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][CE;] ASCOM Telescope: Invalid Operation Exception in Sync : SyncToTarget() RaDec sync was rejected.

Yes, I saw it, and it is very strange because everything is configured to accept synchronization, both in SGP and in Eqmod, it is very very strange. I reinstalled Eqmod, but I can uninstall and reinstall. If time permits tonight I will do several tests.
Thanks Ken, I have you informed.

Well, when misfortunes come, they come together and with a lot of “shit.” In the end it turned out to be a desynchronization of the encoders, along with a sequence with wrong coordinates, that made me try whatever I tried, everything was wrong.
So I started to direct my other equipment to the polar and compare with the bad equipment, and I saw that it was close, but far at the same time, so I resynchronized encoders in polar and went to m81, and there everything was perfect, but when I directed I saw that Ngc7000 was not working, and I have tried so many times that I generated a new sequence and I realized that the coordinates that SGP gave, for some reason were wrong, but I created another sequence and I realized that the coordinates were different, I pointed to the new and…BINGO!!. So we already have everything working. It has cost me a few wrinkles on my face. Thank you very much for the help, I never thought it would be an accumulation of misfortunes…