Bug - Prompts for flat box when not needed

Hi guys,

I’m getting a prompt to place my flat box (manual flat box) even though it is not needed. I’m including a zip with the log file, sgf, and screenshots. Screens 1 and 2 are the prompts, screen 3 is the first target which had flats, but are complete.

Not sure if this will repro, but from memory: I started the sequence without flats but decided after seeing some dust motes in the images that I had better take them. At some point around 1am, while in the first target, I paused the sequence, added the flat events to the first target, and took those flats. When done, I de-selected those events (even though they were already complete), set the first event as the active event, and resumed the sequence. All continued fine. When I logged in to check on it at 5:14am, I saw the dialog asking for the flat box to be placed and then to be removed. It would do this for each frame. There are no flats, however, in targets 2 and 3, and all in target 1 are both de-selected and complete.

Thanks for checking it out,

flat box prompt.zip (907.9 KB)

This has been fixed and will be in the next release of 2.4.3.