Bug Report - Dome & Scope Slaving

Hi All,

i was playing around with the dome simulator and the telescope simulator to check to assist me with my own driver testing. I connected to both simulators and then selected the “Other” tab in the control panel.

I setup the dome simulator as a Roll-of-Roof and ticked the bottom 4 options to ensure the roof is open before unparking the scope and to make sure the scope is parked before closing the roof.

I finally ticked the option to slave the scope to dome /roof, and when i tested unpaking the scope it causes SGP to hang and and eventually crash. Not sure if this issue is related just to my pc, so would be great if someone else could test the simulators on their pc and see if they get the same result.

I tried installing the latest version of SGP and got the same results


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We’ll have to look into it. Other folks (including myself) are successfully slaving the observatory to scopes. So I hesitate to say it’s a well known issue.

If you duplicate this and send me your logs I could take a look.


Hi Jared, the testing was done on my laptop, but i’ll testing it on my AstroPC in the shed with an EQ8/EQmod mount connected to the Dome Simulator and see if i get the same results.

I suspect you will be correct and the issue will something to do with my laptop. I’ll test this weekend and let you know.


Can confirm that crash, have reported it elsewhere - only happens when doing a manual unpark for me, if unpark is part of a sequence there is no issue.

Also the slave to scope needs to be ticked manually after connecting all equipment even though it is ticked in the equipment profile, maybe should report that possible bug separately.

It hangs for me also.
telescope Simulator .NET
Dome Simulator set with the only interface capability being Open/Close Shutter.
Observatory type Roll off Roof
Al 5 Slaving Options checked.
Slave to Telescope checked.
Use the Telescope tab to park and unpark the scope and roof.
Park seems OK, Unpark seems to fail. SGP hangs with the roof opened and the telescope parked.


I believe I have this fixed. But I can’t seem to get it fixed for the Dome Simulator.NET. It’s working fine for the old “Simulator” though. I believe this is because the Dome Simulator.NET seems to run under the same memory space as SGP and it’s leading to some weird blocking conditions. I’m still investigating this but it should be working for real hardware as well as the “Simulator” dome.


That’s great. There’s something up with Dome Simulator .NET that needs fixing. I’ll have a look at it.