Bug setting QHY EFW filters

There is a persistent bug relating to SGP setting the QHY EFW filters; It hangs unless you first manually set a filter; then SGP will set the filters. Its annoying to have to do this every time you start the program.


Can you post an SGP log as well as the ASCOM log from the filter wheel?


I can confirm the behavior Peter described and it is very reproducible. It has been going on for years. If you forget to set the filter position before starting the sequence, the sequence will fail and hang, and SGP will usually crash.

Jared, do you have any suggestions as to where the ASCOM log from the filter wheel might be stored?


Should be in your Documents folder. There’s generally an ASCOM sub folder in there that contains logs. You may have to enable logging in the driver itself.

I’m guessing this may be an issue with the actual driver. It sounds like if the driver doesn’t know where it’s at during startup. So we likely query the driver for it’s position and that causes it to hang.


Don’t know if it helps but I use QHY 7 position 50mm EFW with QHY600 camera and have never had this problem. I use the latest all-in-one driver from the QHY site.

Same as one of my QHY EFWs. You need to use the “210” driver or it does not work at all.