BUG: SGPro crashing when loading an image sequence

Hi, I used the framing & mosaic wizard to create a sequence to so that I can caputre M16 (this is a long term project that will run over several sessions)

However, when I try to load the sequence, SGPro takes a long time to start, seems to be loading everything but before it completes the application crashes completely.

Here’s an attached copy of the sequence file.
M16.zip (545.1 KB)

It’s working here but I’m on a beefier machine than most. We generally recommend not to exceed about 20 targets. 34 targets and 8 events per target is likely taxing your machine. This is something we plan and need to address.


Hiya. That’s the thing. I’ve got a core i5 with 8GB of RAM. When I setup this sequence, I had task manager open so that I could see what was going on. The RAM, CPU and disk didn’t look extremely stressed to me. I’m glad that you guys already know about the issue and have it on your backlog. Don’t think I’ll mention the mosaic that I was planning to setup for M42. (cough over 100 targets cough)