Bugs in changing sequence parameters like temperature focus etc


If you change any parameters from the sequence you created, for example you originaly set T at -15 but want to change it to -5, SGP will never accept the change. Highly inconvenient. In fact, you never know where the information will come from, from the prior sequence, or the change that was just made.

Bugs, no matter what. Even if you save the new parameters, it will always default to the original settings.
For example, on one night, you don’t want automatic focus, you change that in the control panel, you start imaging and the focus routine kicks-in.
What is goign on…
Aprox time of issue:

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OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

That is not my experience. I regularly change focus and start times once sequence is running. The exception I think is camera temperature. Here I stop cooling, set new temperature and then turn on again. There may be issues which regular users have become accustomed to but you will need to be more specific going forward to help with your setup.