Bypass plate solve, Still not working!

Hi !
I have studied answers on plate solving here but not really understanding it !
I have a sequence of 10 sao-stars that I use for exoplanet search. My mount Ioptron cem70 is spot on every object so I really dont want to use Astap plate solver here.
But I get an error saying : Failed to run auto center, aborting sequence. Autocenter failed. Autocenter validation frame solve failed. Solve failed. Maximum search limit exceeded:
I have played with different parameters here but the same error occurs.
My question is how can I do the sequence without having to use Astap plate solve ?
Rgds Erik Nordberg


Disable the plate solve option in the Equipment Profile Manager:


Is it so easy :slight_smile:
Thank you chasmiller46 !

I disabled the Plate solve option yesterday in Equipment Profile Manager and it was disabled in the Control Panel too.
But when I try to run the sequence, this time on tree stars, I get an error saiyng : The sequence requires the use of a plate solver, but none are selected ! Please select one in the Control Panel. At least one target will attempt to automatically center:
I saw at an earlier post that a person had the same problem but he had meridian flip enabled and that caused a malfunction. But I have meridian flip disabled.
I assume that SGP can use the coordinates from my mount to know the exact location when I start the sequence ? So how do I get around this problem ?
I have tried to use Astap for plate solving but I get an error message saiyng : Failed to run auto center, aborting sequence. Maximum search limit exceeded:
So I tried several options of search limits like 10, 100,300,500 and maximum but neither one worked.
So I prefer to do my sequence without a Plate solver but I just dont know how :frowning:
Can anyone help me out, please ?

The error indicates that one of the active targets has direction to center itself on start. This action requires use of a plate solver. You’ll need to determine which target it is and check the “do nothing” or “slew” options instead of “slew and then center”

Ok thanks Ken !