C9.25 using Meade Motorfocuser + JMI PCFC - time to upgrade?

At present I have a Celestron CF9.25 SCT mated to a Meade Motorfocuser controlled by a JMI PCFC connected via USB to my computer

As this gear doesn’t have absolute position I am unsure if SGP would even allow it attempt autofocus?

I am thinking of upgrading and getting something that works flawlessly (like the Moonlight focuser and stepper motor on my WO 110FLT. Two questions:

  1. Am I right - there is no controller for a Meade Motorfocuser on a Celestron scope that will allow SGP to run any advanced automatic focus routines? If I can just swap to a different ASCOM controller for the JMI PCFC that will work with SGP that would be very nice for the next few months!

  2. Given that it isn’t just swap over the JMI PCFC to a different motor controller??? What focuser would people suggest - I am tempted to go MoonLight again as it works flawlessly with my WO refractor.

Many thanks,


Hi Matthew,
I can’t answer your First question well since I am not experienced with the Meade Motorfocuser. It includes the motor as I understand. But I think the motor and the focus controller generally needs to be well integrated and ASCOM driven.

For your second question, what I do with my 9.25 Edge is a JMI Event Horizon focuser and a Pegasus FocusCube2 (controls and motor with ASCOM driver). Works very well for me and integrates with SGP very well. Point is, pick you Crayford focuser (manual) then attach a motor / controller box. I use the Pegasus, but ZWO (EAF) and others make very similar motor / controller boxes. (Kinda like your WO 110FLT).

Hi guys,

Does anyone else know about ASCOM and Meade Motorfocuser controlled via JMI or other focus controllers? If the JMI is the only third party controller (I don’t have a Autostar controller that Meade uses for its mounts and their gear). that will control a Meade and ASCOM’s interface to JMI is too crude for SGP to use that door is defintiely closed.