Calibration events do not complete after failed meridian flip

Not sure if this is a bug or feature request. I’ve had some issues recently with auto meridian flip failures. The sequence ended without completing the calibration (flats) events. Is this expected behaviour?

The auto meridian flip failure resulted because of either “FlipWait: ending wait due to telescope parked or not tracking…” or “ASCOM Telescope: Failed to flip because starting pier side and ending pier side are the same!”.

Also interestingly, the message at bottom of SGP window is “Sequence Aborted (User aborted meridian flip)” even though “user” was asleep at the time :=)


By default, this is expected behavior, but you can force SGPro to capture calibration data when the main sequence fails:

See the top-most checkbox here: Sequence Options

HI @Ken
I should have mentioned previously - the “Capture calibration frames even if sequence fails” option was checked. Here were/are my settings:


That is not the setting I refer to (related, but not, in fact the actual setting). What you are showing are values that new sequences are created with. It means that this setting is probably on, but you’d need to check the actual setting for the sequence (see link I sent). If that setting is enabled for the sequence, we’d need to see logs.

I have seen this happen a lot as well, even with the option checked.

Hi @Ken:
Thanks for the responses - you are right of course. Here is/were the sequence-specific settings:

Should also mention that I am running the latest version 4 (trial) but experienced this with past versions (various 3’s) as well.

I can provide a log file but cannot submit directly from the Help menu (because it is a trial). How should I submit it (zip is 500K)?


Here is log file. Flipwait/Abort located [12/01/20 01:59:23.759]

(tried using Help menu Report a Problem, but still getting an error when I try to submit a log/report via that method)


It looks like an issue crept in where calibration mode is trying to restart the auto guider and failing (obviously). I have that fixed in the next 4.0 beta (not released yet).

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