Camera angle adjustment issue in 387

During a plate solving process, the camera adjustment panel came up. Unfortunately it took me a while to get my shoes and jacket on and get to the camera.I adjusted the angle manually and pressed the ok button. At which point a message popped up saying that the plate solving had failed and the sequence was aborted.
This was not a plate solving issue, as the plate solving process worked correctly once it was restarted. I don’t have any log files to present as I had other issues.

How many centering attempts do you allow and what rotational error do you allow for the camera? If these are set properly, please send us logs and we’ll take a look:

I’ve never had an issue with plate solving or the camera rotator (besides it being hidden behind the plate solving panel, which has already been solved). I have set at least 10 centering attempts,but this happened straight after the 1st. attempt and did not even start the second attempt before aborting the solving. I’ve not seen this in any of the previous versions.
As previously stated, I don’t have any logs from this session. My apologies.

Did you delete them (or did they get deleted)? SGPro preserves logs for a week. I am unable to reproduce this in testing.

I’m not entirely sure what happened to the logs. They are easy to find, but for some reason it was not present this evening. Anyway, we can close the discussion here and I’ll check if it reoccurs the next tie I have clear skies. Hopefully it won’t take another month, but one never knows in Munich in the autumn.
Thanks for the support.

Sure thing. Lemme know if it happens again and I’ll take a look.