Camera connect button colour

Hi guys,

Would it be possible to have the camera connect button on the sequencer turn back to red if the connection is lost to the camera? As it is now, if the connection is lost it is not immediately obvious, as the button stays green. This would just make troubleshooting a little faster. If for example you change batteries in the camera, if you don’t remember to disconnect and then reconnect the camera by clicking the camera connect button, it won’t be connected, but you won’t have any indication of that. Once you are used to this it is of course not an issue, but it does waste some time when you are first learning SGP. Thanks!


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I have had some code hanging around for a while that does just this. It’s a bit more complex than it might seem at first glance. I spent about an hour cleaning it up and we will try it out in the next beta. In the next beta, SGPro will check if a device is still connected every 10 seconds. If it’s not, the UI status of that device will be updated. I still need to clean up a few things regarding how this check works when an external disconnect is detected while a sequence is running.

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