Camera Cooling!


I ran a short simulation sequence of 10 frames and let the sequence complete inc end of sequence options - All good. Just for the hell of it, I ‘Reset the sequence’ and ran it a second time just to ensure PHD 2 re-connected it’s gear and calibrated a new star etc (I had an issue with this a while back) and all worked fine, just a sanity check really ! The camera cooler was in the processes of cooling at this time and was a min or two through the 5 min cooling cycle. I aborted the sequence and chose the full abort and also to allow end of sequence options to run. The observatory parked and shut, the scope parked and the sequence aborted successfully except for one thing. The Camera cooler continued it’s cooling cycle until the preset time completed, at this point it began the warming cycle which would happen as part of the end of sequence options.
Is it possible that when you abort a sequence and the camera is part way through a cooling cycle that this cooling cycle be aborted too so the warming can start at the same time as dome/mount park ? ? ? ?


Link to Logs

Useful Info

My Camera, in the profile, is set to ‘Cool on sequence start’ and to ‘Warm up on sequence complete’

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
.NET: 4.8