Camera ISO Error when doing Center Here

I am getting an error in the SGP log that says "Error Parsing ISO Value: 1x1. A previous post (from 2017) indicated to check the default ISO speed in the plate solve tab of the Equipment Manager. Mine is set to ISO 1600.

The camera is a Nikon D7100. I have used centering in the past with my Nikont, but switched to a ZWO mono camera about 2 years ago. I have used the Nikon on and off over the last two years, but mostly used the ZWO. Last week I put the old Nikon back on the telescope to do some OSC images and could not do the centering. A plate solve from a Frame and Focus works fine. Auto focus works fine. But, with centering It is never triggering the camera to take a photo due to the ISO error.

Is SGP trying to read the ISO from the camera, or is it trying to set the camera based on a value stored in an SGP configuration.

The logfile from last night is at the link:

Any help on this would be appreiciated.