Camera scale/center here

Two questions: the first relates to scale. I image with a 805 FL scope with a 0.8x reducer which brings my FL to 644. When calculating my scale, I should use the 644 FL number correct?

Second: should I perform a solve/sync (center here) prior to the plate solve that is performed when the sequence begins? I’ve looked all over but haven’t been able to confirm this. I normally perform my “Framing & Mosaic” wizard, set my sequence parameters and off it goes. This worked great with my Moonlite DRO, but with my Nitecrawer and the addition of rotation, I’m successfully solving about 50% of the time.


Just a clarification, “Solve and sync” and “center here” are two different but related functions. Solve and Sync takes a plate solve image and tells your mount where it is pointed but the mount does not move. Center here plate solves but actually moves the mount to the point you choose.

The first thing I do after powering the mount and SGP is slew to some area of the sky and do a solve and sync. This isn’t strictly necessary though. If your target has coordinate data and you have enabled “‘Slew To’ when target starts” and enabled “‘Center On’ when target starts”, when you start your sequence the mount will first slew to where it thinks the target is, and then plate solve until the target is centered.

As to why your solves are failing with the Nightcrawler, a log file might be nice. What is actually failing, the angle of rotation or the coordinates? Also, what plate solvers are you using? I think most people are using the built in PlateSolve2 with local ANSVR as a blind solver backup in case PS2 fails. If you don’t have a blind solve failover (backup) then I suggest you set that up.

Thanks, Joel! I am solving with PS2 and perform blind functions with I will send a log on my next night out.