Camera Settings Not Saved with Profile?


I am using an SBIG STT-8300 with the self-guide filter wheel and therefore the SGP guider API.

Tonite I made a new sequence to run before the image run while the moon was up to get some darks. To do that I made a sequence/profile that had no guider. Once done with that I closed that sequence and opened the previously prepared and used sequence for the object I am currently imaging - This object/sequence did have a guider (API), of course, and had been used successfully before.

When I went to PhD it (supposedly) connected using the API but gave me an error when tried to take a frame (“guider not connected”).

Only after a lot of cursing did I realize that what had happened is that the guide chip had remained on “none” in camera setup despite having loaded the older profile/sequence where it was set properly to “internal”.

Does this setting not save as part of a profile/sequence?

Unfortunately 2.4 reset all of the system settings (of which this is one). The guider selection for SBIG is not saved with the profile but rather with the system settings.