Camera Timeout and Object reference not set issue

Camera us ASI1600. Camera times out on download, can happen after a few images or like last evening after 140 images. Was an issue with previous builds but was seemed to be sorted.

On USB3 at USB limit 40. SGP is verion 17 latest ZWO drivers.

You need to attach the full logs.

It’s most likely your USB port is saturated. One of the downsides of their setup. Try lowering the USB number.

Most the time when I have this problem it’s a bad USB cable though. Might be worth a shot too.

Please see this post on how to ask for help.
The short of it is, please post your full log using Dropbox or another file sharing service.

Sorry, here is the full log file. 40 is the lowest setting on USB 3 it seems. Am using the cable that came with the camera, will try another.

Try a different USB port, you’d be surprised how often they’re not good. Are you using a hub? Is it powered? That’s another source of problems.

I changed it from my powered USB3 hub to a direct port and it seems to have cured the issue. I just ran 300 images with no hangs. Here’s hoping!

Thanks for the help.


No worries. These cameras are pretty sensitive to USB power. Even though they’re powered…

Isn’t imaging fun? :smiley:

Yep, just when you think you have all the gremlins licked up pops another one!