Camera Warm up Temp

Hello There,

I have a Moonlite focuser with the V2 mini controller & Hi Res stepper motor. I use it with the external temp probe connected too which would reasonably accurately follow the ambient temp as is drops as the night progresses.

Is it possible to have a tick box option that can be set in a profile as well as the control panel which would allow SG to ask my connected controller the current ambient temp and use this as the Temp to warm up to either updated as the temp changes or referenced when the warm up button is pressed ??

Just an idea



I’m sure you’re using the default of 20C… the camera doesn’t have a heater so regardless of what it says it will only warm up to ambient. It just takes a slower time when you use ‘warm up’ versus shutting the cooler off in one swoop.


That’s fine mads

Thanks for your reply, makes perfect sense, I shall concern myself about this no more
and leave it at 20c

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