Can not login

I want to buy the Software SGP, but I can not login, because I get the message,
Your account is awaiting e-mail verification. What can I do? I think, I have done everything correctly.

It’s not clear to me if you actually completed a purchase or not, but that is the only time you will be prompted to create an account. Did you complete a purchase already?

I would like to buy the SGP,
but it’s not possible because I can’t log in with my account.
Hence my request.

I’m sorry, we just need a little additional detail to understand your circumstances and how to find you. Please answer:

  • Have you already purchased SGPro 3 and are now attempting to upgrade to SGPro 4?
  • Or have you never purchased SGPro before and this is the first time?

You do not need an account to purchase SGP. Once you make the purchase you can then create an account as part of that process.

If you have purchased an older version and are looking to upgrade then you’ll need to log into your existing account to do that. If you’re having issues getting into that account please email us at and let us know what email account you initially purchased with (if you happen to know it) and we can get you taken care of.

Thank you,