Can SGP focus a Canon DSLR lens?

I am a new user of SGP and my next target is a wide field shot of the Veil Nebula complex. I want to use my 200mm Canon lens on my T1i. I don’t see a way to set the Canon camera as the focuser. Is this possible?

No. It can’t. I put a request in for this feature awhile ago and it never gained traction. Feel free to dig it up and put in the request.

We may add the ability to control a canon lens in the future but the level of control will likely not be adequate for auto focus to work.


The obvious way to do this is to implement an ASCOM focuser driver using the Canon camera API but this would require that their API exposed the right properties, in particular ones to read the current position to set the lens to a new position. I expect that the most that’s available is a “do an autofocus” command and that’s not enough.

Really it would be much better if all the camera functionality was exported to some sort of separate driver where all the camera drivers used a common way to communicate the SGP. The camera controller would be separate from SGP and could be developed and maintained separately.

An ASCOM DSLR camera driver could do this of course.

Yea, the guy at qDSLRDASHBOARD allows you to do this manually with the right cameras. It’s really useful.

I think we understand it’s not a absolute focuser so it’s dependent on backlash and other things.